We have a group of regular Clients, satisfied with our services.
Below, we present some opinions of our Clients regarding our services and cooperation with us:

"We are pleased to announce that FHU Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik company, located at ul. Ujastek 5b in Kraków, carried out in 2011/2012 a contract for the construction of a loading station for pouring nitric acid into tank trucks. The all-inclusive investment called "Modernization of nitric acid loading station" in Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA included the following:

  1. A full documentation including the specification of construction and engineering, automation, electrical, plumbing and mechanical details, the documentation for the Technical Transportation Supervision.

  2. Selection and supply of industrial valves, control systems, loading arm, systems of absorption and purification of vapours generated in the process of loading.

  3. Full range of earthworks including plumbing installations, maintenance surveying, foundations, dispensing tray, prefabrication, installation and construction of steel pipelines, insulationa and electrical works, instrumentation and automation works.

  4. Installation and commissioning of loading arm, its registration in the TDT in accordance with regulations.

  5. Test run and start-up of the entire system.

The order was carried out ​​in accordance with applicable regulations and standards while maintaining a high quality of work and accepted terms.

The station is characterized by high quality, innovative technical solutions and installed facilities meet high standards.

The investment fully satisfies our expectations.”

Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.

"We are glad to state, that:
* the orders were fulfilled within the deadline
* the devices operate in very advanced applications and they work faultlessly gaining the intended efficiency
* good communication with personnel of FHU Polimer company: their flexible approach to our expectations and good knowledge of technical issues make us evaluate in a positive way their professional level and the company reliability"
PGNiG "NAFTA" Sp. z o. o.

During implementation of the order, FHU Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik company has shown determination in cutting the deadline of the completion. The order was realised before the deadline, and the quality of the products, as well as their documentation fulfils the regulations and requirements in force in the European Union”.
PKN Orlen S.A.

FHU Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik company realised the task in a responsible and professional way (…) we recommend this company as a reliable and trustworthy provider”.
Air Liquide Polska Sp. z o.o.

"The company completed the order in a professional way, performing all the tasks included in the order. We strongly recommend the FHP Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik company as a competent and trustworthy provider”.
EC Nowa Sp. z o. o.

The company keeps the deadlines and delivers high quality products. We can sincerely recommend the FHU Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik company as a reliable and trustworthy provider”.
Air Liquide Polska Sp. z o.o.

„We are glad to inform that FHU Polimer company with seat in Kraków, ul. Ujastek 5b, 31-752 Kraków, in August 2009 and January 2010, manufactured and delivered to Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. two (2) air coolers of the synthesis gas E-506, required for carrying out the Investment Projects no. 668 and 741 regarding the modernisation of the gas cooling system in the ammonia synthesis loop on II and sythesis units in the Synthesis Department in the Ammonia Plant.
The parameters of the delivered coolers were as follows:
· Cooling medium – synthesis gas
· Working pressure in the tube space – 312,7 bar (g)
· Working temperature of the medium: inlet / outlet - +75°C / + 42°C
· Heat exchange surface – 7 450 m2
· Fan efficiency – 4 x 171 000 m3/h
· Air temperature - inlet max +32°C, outlet +44,6°C
· Rotor power of each fan – 9,5 kW
· Mass of the assemblied cooler – ~43 000 kg
The cooperation with FHU Polimer company was positive, especially the commitment and professionalism of the supervision personnel and the executive team. The delivered devices are of high quality and they are realised with use of the latest technology and technical knowledge. We have no complaints regarding the method and quality of the executed works. FHU Polimer company is a trustworthy Contractor and we can recommend it as a trustworthy and reliable partner for a cooperation.”

Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.

We may present our references upon request.