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Heat exchangers

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Tube sheets, flanges, tees
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Steel constructions
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 Custom Engineering
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 NDT Laboratory
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We use all the material joining techniques available and necessary for a particular project: welding, rolling, soldering, pressure welding. Technological tubes may be straight, U-bent, spirally coiled, finned or lamella covered. Moreover, we offer protecting of surfaces which are in contact with a medium, by means of plating
or sekaphening.


Our experience includes manufacturing of devices designed for such media as: argon, pure oxygen, nitrogen, combustion gas, carbon dioxide, benzene, oil, water, steam, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, isobutane, ammonia, chloride compounds, and other compounds destined to perform in high temperature and pressure.


Materials used for production include mostly boiler steel, stainless steel, acid-proof, copper-base alloy, nickel-base alloy, brass and aluminium; however with an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to deliver almost any material needed for further processing. 
Our materials meet all the necessary international standards and regulations.


For the purpose of realising the order we offer installation of steel constructions, pressure devices, industrial pipelines. We are prepared even for the most complicated installation tasks for petrochemical, chemical, refinery, energy and gas installations.